Empire speaks with Nye’s Cream Sandwiches

Empire helps “shape” the perfect ice cream sandwich

“With the Suprema Cookie Depositor, we can make the same 400 cookies in about 4 minutes and with only 1 employee monitoring the machine. In addition, the shape and size of our cookies are now always consistent.”

Nye’s Cream Sandwiches Company discovers how the addition of Empire’s Suprema Cookie Depositor could take their gourmet ice cream sandwich business to a whole new level of quality and efficiency.

While renowned chef Christian Nye and his wife Kelly set out to open up their own restaurant, they had no idea that one of their menu ideas would actually become their sole business. Christian’s homemade ice cream sandwiches were a labor of love that got so much attention he quickly realized their potential as a business in themselves.

Nye’s twelve different ice cream sandwich varieties were developed and perfected over a several month periods. First, Christian used his expert culinary skills to create a number of unique ice cream flavors. Then he created a gourmet cookie to complement each one. The result is the perfect combination of homemade tastes that bring you back in time such as Peppermint Chocolate, a combination of a chocolate ganache cookie with peppermint ice cream or Peach Crisp which pairs a brown sugar molasses cookie with the perfect peach ice cream.

To create a consistent product size and shape, Christian created a mold for his ice cream centers. ”This gives each ice cream the same diameter and thickness every time,” said Christian. Once he had his ice cream shaped the way he wanted, Christian moved on to perfect the cookie. According to Christian, “At first we were scooping and hand rolling all of our cookie dough. It would take 3 workers an hour and 15 minutes to finish shaping just 400 cookies. Since we needed them to be a certain size and shape to fit and extend about a half-inch over our ice cream centers, there was a lot of dough being thrown away. When I think back I can’t believe how much waste we had.” Then, last year Christian decided to purchase a Suprema Cookie Depositor from Empire Bakery Equipment.


“The installation and training took two days. Empire’s technician was so knowledgeable about the machine and easily showed us how to program each of my cookies.”

“This machine changed everything”, Christian explained.

“With the Suprema Cookie Depositor we can make the same 400 cookies in about 4 minutes and with only 1 employee monitoring the machine. In addition, the shape and size of our cookies are now always consi5tent. Since we purchased the Suprema Cookie Depositor from Empire a year ago, we have only had one service issue. I was so impressed when the team from Empire helped me get back up and running in less than 2 hours.” Christian adds, ‘With equipment, you can always expect there will come a time for maintenance and repair, but it’s the support that you get for that machine which makes all the difference. Empire really stands by their products and supports you every step of the way, long after your purchase.

Today, the Nye’s Cream Sandwiches company sells these sophisticated delectable treats to a number of upscale hotels, restaurants and retail shops around the country as well as online. Since their launch, business has been quickly growing and Nye’s has received national acclaim from the likes of people such Oprah, making it on The October 2013 “0” List. When asked about future plans Christian Nye said, “As we continue to expand, I will look to Empire for more of my equipment needs.”

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