Gluten Free treats by Allie!

After struggling for years with food allergies and then finding out that her own children would suffer a similar fate, Allie of Allie’s GF Goodies decided to start an allergen free bakery business. “I know what it is like for other parents like me, parents of kids with allergies who feel like they’re missing out on the sheer goodness of baked goodies. I specialize in recreating delectable, melt-in-your-mouth desserts and baked treats that contain no potential allergens. Allies baked delights are all egg free, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, peanut free and kosher. This has been quite a feat considering just 3 years ago, she was a stay at home mom.

When Allie first started the business back in 2012, she was renting space in a local kitchen. Then after quickly seeing the potential and high demand for her allergin-free treats, a year ago she decided it was time to open her own bakery which is now known as Allie’s GF Goodies located in Hicksville, NY.



Working from the ground up

“I started with an empty building, creating my bakery from the ground up, said Allie. I hired a kitchen designer to help with the layout and then called Empire for all of the equipment. Empire worked side-by-side with me to help decide the most cost-effective machinery and products that fit within my budget and needs. With Empire, I had a team of people supporting me every step of the way.

Being a full-service bakery equipment company, Empire was able to supply everything I needed for both my kitchen as well as the front of the house. Among the equipment I purchased was a Fox Rack Oven, 2 Moffat ovens, Tabletop Sheeter, a Cookie Deposit Depositor, freezer, refrigerator and display cases.

“One of my favorite pieces is the Empire Fox Rack Oven,” said Allie. “With the Empire Rack Oven, I enjoy flexibility in temperature controls and more efficient baking times, which I didn’t have with any of the ovens I worked with in the past.” This flexibility is so important considering all of the variations of baked goods that I work with.”

When asked about future plans, Allie said, “I want to expand the cake-decorating side of my business. I’m looking forward to utilizing the Tabletop Sheeter more to create unique personalized cakes.” As she continues to grow, Allie plans on calling Empire for all of her bakery equipment needs.

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