Macarons Multiply

A very popular treat in France, macarons with their delicate texture and pretty colors are now making a hit in the U.S. La Maison du Macaron is the result of

a long and passionate journey to create some of the finest pastries and most delicious Parisian macarons anywhere in the world. As the very first boutique in New York City dedicated to macarons, Chef Pascal Goupil has created more than 150 outstanding flavors, of which at least 20 are available daily at the patisserie.

Some of the unique flavors available include French vanilla, champagne, fig and apple. La Maison du Macaron proudly maintains their high standards by using only the finest quality natural ingredients, free of chemicals and preservatives.

macaroons in bakery window

Chef Pascal’s journey to create the most efficient production methods took some work. Five years ago, he was using a pastry bag to hand squeeze all of his macaron batter onto the trays. “It would take 2 people 9 hours to get about 1,500 macarons onto the trays,” said Pascal. The business was growing and Pascal needed to get more macarons made in one day in order to meet his demands.

French Chef Pascal Goupil discovered how to optimize production and labor and maximize profits with the purchase of the high capacity Suprema Cookie Depositor Chef Pascal turned to Empire for a machine that could help automate the process of traying the macaron halves. Empire recommended the Suprema Cookie Depositor to help increase La Maison’s production output while saving them time and labor costs. For Chef Pascal, deciding on this machine was easy. “The Suprema Depositor really fit my needs and helped us meet our growing demand for macarons, said Pascal.” “With this machine and only one operator, I can make about 4,000 macarons in one day.” This was a tremendous savings for La Maison. The improved production of their macarons has helped La Maison maximize profits and soon they will be opening up their second location in New Jersey.

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