The Great Bagel Debate: Boiled vs. Steamed

The first known mention of the bagel was in Poland around 1610, and to this day, we’re still enjoying this breakfast staple. Whether you like your bagel with a shmear or plain, one thing is undeniable… Bagels are delicious and here to stay! But how do you prefer your bagels? Not all bagels are made the same, there are two main ways that bagels are produced.


Steamed bagels have a shiny exterior and a roll like texture on the inside. The toppings are applied before the steaming process which leaves the bagel with an abundance of toppings because they’re being pressed into the soft dough. For this bagel making process, you would use an Empire Rack Oven and Proofing System.


bagels on rack

boiled bagels







Boiling bagels, which is a distinguishing characteristic of American bagels, are crunchy on the outside and dense on the inside and have an extra golden crust. If you’ve ever heard about someone talking about how different and amazing tasting a New York bagel is, this process is why! You would use an Empire Revolving Oven and Bagel Kettle for this delicious process.


Boiled or Steamed? This has been a great debate for years, but luckily Empire offers solutions for both! Check out all of our bagel equipment here