Trending Now: Specialty Donuts

The specialty donut trend is definitely at its peak now, with more creations than you can even dream up. One of the more interesting things I’ve seen lately involved ice cream infusion – best of both worlds! These yummy little treats started at the Los Angeles bakery B Sweet and are the perfect way to end your summer.

These delights start with a scoop of your fave ice cream which is heat sealed into a fresh hot donut. You get hot on the outside, and the cold ice cream on the inside, and as the bakery describes it “yummy allover”.  cereal donuts

Another gourmet donut features our favorite childhood cereal on top. Donut frosting plus sugary cereal? Instant crowd pleaser. Or how about crushed cookies, or an overload of colorful sprinkles, perhaps some mini chocolate candies that won’t melt in your hands 😉? Maybe you prefer some maple syrup and bacon bits on your donut. You can even use your glazed treat as a bun to your burger or egg sandwich!

It seems like the possibilities are endless and with Labor Day upon us, bringing a dozen of these to any weekend BBQ, is sure to make you a big hit.


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