Ways Bakeries and Restaurants Can Promote Themselves During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As many small businesses find themselves struggling to successfully navigate the current COVID-19 pandemic, Empire Bakery Equipment wants to lend a helping hand by giving some advice on how to effectively promote your businesses. Constant communication with your customers during the current situation is something that is going to be crucial to the success of your bakery or restaurant. Empire’s own marketing team offers the following tips to ensure your business remains visible during a time where being seen is a top priority.

  1. Social Media: In times of crisis, social media is an outlet that offers fast and eye-catching information. Some small businesses already understand the importance of social media, and some know the power behind it but have not fully taken advantage of the resource. Whether you are a seasoned social media pro or a newcomer to the marketing medium, NOW is the time to ramp things up. Here are a few ways to do so:
    • Make an initial announcement: Companies should address the pandemic and how it will affect their daily operation. If your bakery or restaurant is going to continue to operate, let customers know you will be staying open and any changes you will be making due to government guidelines.
    • Delivery Announcements: Many bakeries and restaurants are offering delivery services for the first time. Your regular customer may not realize you are now offering delivery so making an announcement on social media will keep your loyal customers informed.
    • Behind the scenes look: Give your customers a behind the scenes look into your bakery or restaurant and show them all of the steps you are taking to keep your businesses clean by washing your hands and disinfecting surfaces. This may seem unnecessary, but peace of mind will make customers feel better about ordering food.
    • Post food images: As your bakery or restaurant continues to work, take pictures of all the orders being filled and all of the delicious food being made. Let the food sell itself and keep your customers hungry by sharing your food to social media.
  2. Email Blasts: An often-overlooked strategy is an old school one, but an effective one. Not all bakeries or restaurants have an email list of customers and those who do not should focus efforts on the above social media strategies. For those who do have email lists of their customer base, putting together an email blast will benefit them greatly. People are spending more time online these days due to quarantine so emails will be read now more than ever. List your business hours, menus, delivery or pickup options, and contact information. We recommend taking this opportunity to educate your customers in your emails by informing them of how to properly reserve certain foods and give them that inside look at how your businesses are staying sanitary for their peace of mind.

All of us at Empire are dedicated to helping any and all bakeries and restaurants to continue operating efficiently, safely and successfully. For any needs during this trying time, Empire is in your corner.

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